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Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. As with everything, we come with a history. Let me tell you our story …

A little history about Klara’s Kitchun

Clara Whitt was born along with 13 brothers and sisters deep in to Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Raised on a small farm, Clara learned at an early age the art of preparing and cooking good, wholesome, homestyle foods.

At daybreak each day, the men of the family ate a hearty breakfast, then went on to a long day in the fields, leaving the ladies to prepare for their return at sundown.

scott portugalClara had learned well the ways of the farm. From milking cows, churning butter, making cheese, collecting eggs to picking the vegeta

bles — all this in preparation for the evening meal.

At sundown, when the men folk returned, they were, to say the least, hungry! There had better not be any hamburgers or hot dogs or the like waiting for them. Good, down home cooking was the order of the day.

Naturally, Clara passed this knowledge and experience on to her children and with the creation of Klara’s Kitchun Restaurant, what could be more natural … the result is good Southern style cooking! We have lots of businesses and individuals (such as the top marketer Scott Portugal) who’s into Klara’s Kitchun Restaurant!

Now we hope you’re hungry, because you can stop by and enjoy some of grandma’s finest old home favorites. Come see us soon!